They couldn’t pull of a second miracle this week, but the U.S. Soccer team has nothing to be ashamed about. They beat the #1 team in the World, Spain, and led another soccer powerhouse, Brazil, for most of their game today. In the end though, Brazil had too much firepower and they prevailed 3-2. While a win today would have captured the World’s attention, today’s loss should capture the attention of this country. We have a soccer team that can compete with the best in the World and it is time for the U.S. to give it some attention.

And you will have plenty of opportunities to do so over the next year. Some of the U.S. team gets back to work next weekend in the Gold Cup, a tournament that will culminate with a final game at Giants’ Stadium July 26th. The team is also in the middle of World Cup qualifying with a huge match upcoming against Mexico in August. Assuming they qualify, a pretty good bet, the U.S. will then head back to South Africa to compete for the World Cup. While a lot of it will come down to the draw they receive, the U.S. has the potential to do some damage in that tournament, a competition among the World’s elite.

The question is: will anyone in the country care? Soccer has amazing participation at the youth level, but that has not translated into viewers. But, as Michael Phelps showed last summer, this country loves a winner. How many people actually watched swimming on a regular basis before tuning into his races in the Olympics? Soccer may never obtain mainstream acceptance in this country, but it should be able to capture the country’s attention for periods of time. This is one of those periods, you should tune in.