The MLB trade deadline has come and gone and it seems pretty clear that both New York teams walk away from it as winners. The Yankees for what they did and the Mets for what they didn’t do.

The Yankees half is easy to evaluate. They added three pieces that make them a deeper and more dangerous team while giving up little more than money. Lance Berkman may be having a down year, but he still has a .372 OBP and is still incredibly patient at the plate, seeing 4.13 pitches per plate appearance. He makes up for the mistake of signing Nick Johnson over Johnny Damon this offseason.

Austin Kearns provides a righty bat that can play the outfield and Kerry Wood represents a roll of the dice. Maybe he will recover his old from, probably he won’t, but it will only cost the Yankees about $1.5 million to find out.

The Mets are being panned in the press today for their lack of moves, but they were smart to sit out this trade deadline. Sitting 6-1/2 games out of the wild card and division is a big deficit at this point of the season. With the Braves and Phillies already ahead of them and both upgrading their teams, the odds of the Mets reaching the playoffs seem a lot smaller than 7 percent.

The Mets could have traded away some prospects for a veteran to make a splash and sell some tickets, but they have been down that road before. It may cost them in attendance this August and September, but it will prove to be the right move heading into 2011 and beyond.