In Boston they have the “Green Monster.” In New York we now have “The Moat.” We have that wide concourse which separates the ridiculously expensive seats from the seats that are just expensive at the new Yankee Stadium. You are not allowed past the moat unless you pay the exorbitant prices, no exceptions. The NYU class of 2009 was not allowed past the moat and ordinary fans seeking autographs during batting practice will not be allowed past the moat.

Sadly, the Yankees don’t seem to care about the perception that this creates, in fact they seem to welcome it. COO, Lonn Trost, had this to say the other day about the policy of keeping people behind the moat: "Well, if you purchase a suite, do you want somebody in your suite? You purchase a home, do you want somebody in your home?"

What Lonn seems to have overlooked is that it is OUR home. Yankee Stadium was built with millions of dollars of tax-free bonds. So all of us in New York City gave the Yankees a sweetheart deal to finance their palace in the Bronx. We gave up potential tax revenue, revenue that we could sorely use right now, so the Yankees could pay less interest on the money they borrowed to build their stadium.

It’s just another bailout of the haves by the have-nots, something we have seen way too often in the past year. So Yankees' management, I have a question for you. We don’t expect a thank you, we are not naïve enough to expect our contribution to be noticed, but, could we at least watch batting practice and get an autograph like we used to? Then again, since you are trying to peddle a piece of freeze-dried sod for $79.99 you probably think we are simply too dumb to worry about.