The 2009 Mets will wrap up their season next Sunday and mercifully put an end to a campaign that everyone will try and forget. But, before we bid these Mets goodbye, it’s worth wondering, why did the season fall apart so badly? Sure there were injuries at an amazing rate, but what caused those injuries? Perhaps you could say that the team was cursed?

Think back to February when everyone was urging the Mets to get rid of Citibank as the main sponsor of their new park. Remember “Taxpayer Field” and all the controversy? What if karma decided that in exchange for taking the $20 million a season the Mets would suffer cosmic retribution?

Would that explain the injuries to Reyes, Delgado and Beltran? Santana’s elbow problems? Minaya’s press conference stumbles? Bernazard’s shirtless tirade? Oliver Perez? The dropped pop up? Maybe it was all just some freaky coincidence, but just in case could we line up a new sponsor for next season. How about, Bank of America?