It’s up to Omar Minaya now. The team he put together, the team that many predicted to win the NL East, is floundering. Injuries are certainly part of the problem, but a lot of these players are not playing very well.

Start with the offense. The loss of Carlos Delgado was huge and it exposed a mediocre squad. Beltran and Wright are having great years, Gary Sheffield has been a nice addition, but everyone else disappointed this year. Jose Reyes was having a bad year before he got hurt. Daniel Murphy looks like a player who played only one game in AAA before coming to the majors. Luis Castillo is Luis Castillo. There are too many dead spots in the lineup. And don’t blame the ballpark, the Mets actually hit better at Citi Field than on the road.

The rotation is an area of concern as well. Johan Santana has been wonderful, but behind him there are major problems. John Maine has been inconsistent and is complaining of shoulder tightness. Oliver Perez has been a disaster with Tim Redding not much better as a replacement for him. It speaks volumes that Livan Hernandez has been their second-best starter in 2009.

So, it’s up to Omar to fix this. He needs to go out and find a bat and he needs to figure out a way to fix the rotation. It won’t be easy, but the first two months of the seasons have shown us that the Mets need some reinforcements.