You know that the Yankees are thrilled to be in the World Series, but the Knicks should be equally thrilled that the Yankees made it. The World Series is distracting attention from their miserable start. Last night may have included a great fourth quarter comeback, but the fact remains that the Knicks allowed Philadelphia to shoot an astounding 61% from the field. Even the most optimistic Knicks’ fan has to realize the bitter truth- LeBron isn’t going to come to this team unless something radical changes.

The only possible thing that could change that would be for the Knicks to get enough cap room to sign not only James, but either Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade as well. That way LeBron would come to New York with the knowledge that he has someone else to help him build a champion. Why else would he leave Cleveland, one of the better teams in the NBA? To get that cap room, Donnie Walsh is going to have to be willing to trade away anyone on the roster, including Gallinari and Wilson Chandler, if another team will also take Eddy Curry.

It’s not that the Knicks lack players who could help a team win a championship. Gallinari would be a great addition to a playoff team with his shooting. David Lee could give a big boost to a team looking for frontcourt help. The Knicks’ problem is that they do not have that one player who can elevate everyone else. They do not have LeBron or Wade or Bosh.

And that’s why Walsh has to make this gamble. He needs to go to contending teams and offer his best players, with the proviso that Eddy Curry is part of the package. If it works, the Knicks will endure another miserable season, but have a legitimate shot at landing two superstars next July. If it fails, don’t expect to see LeBron next July.