Now we have arrived at the moment Knicks fans have been waiting for: Thursday July 1st, and with it, the NBA free agency period will begin. The Knicks will have the ability to offer two maximum contracts and do little else, now that Eddy Curry has exercised his player option. Unfortunately, Miami and Chicago can also do that with Miami clearing enough space to offer three max contracts.

So, it seems the Knicks are going to miss out on LeBron James and Chris Bosh. Unless they both take the challenge of resurrecting the Knicks to heart, it’s hard to see why they wouldn’t either go to Chicago to play with Derrick Rose or Miami to play with Dwyane Wade. That would leave the Knicks thinking about Joe Johnson, Amare Stoudemire and Carlos Boozer. All are wonderful players, but they are not LeBron.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, the Knicks need to be patient. If LeBron and Bosh aren’t walking through the door, why not just roll the cap money over to next year? That’s when Carmelo Anthony hits free agency. Kevin Durant will be a free agent in 2012.

It will be a tough sell to the fans. But, the fans are waiting for a contender and they will continue to wait. Boozer, Johnson or Stoudemire certainly improve the team, but it’s hard to see how any combination of them would elevate it to title contender. That’s what Knicks fans are waiting to see again. A lottery pick in the 2011 draft plus Camelo Anthony gets them closer than adding some combination of Stoudemire, Johnson and Boozer.