It has been almost five years since Omar Minaya was named General Manager of the Mets. In the four-plus seasons he has been in charge he has made the team competitive again, but he has also presided over two terrible September collapses and bungled the firing of Willie Randolph.

You cannot totally blame Minaya for the current state of the team, the number of injuries the club has suffered is beyond belief, but he has to take responsibility for not responding or being in a position to respond to those injuries.
The mistakes Minaya has made have been well documented and there is little point in going through them again. What is important is that it is up to Minaya to fix this mess. Yes, the injuries have been bad, but the Mets have spent $150 million to build a winner this year and Omar needs to figure out how to make that happen.

The swap of Church for Francoeur seems like a desperate attempt to catch lightning in a bottle. Francoeur hasn’t come close to regaining the form he had in 2005. Perhaps Minaya will get lucky, but this single trade will not be enough to get the Mets back into contention. More reinforcements are needed for a lineup that flounders on most nights.

Will Omar fix this and get the Mets back to the playoffs? Hopefully yes and that should be the criteria used to decide if he keeps his job beyond 2009. Mets’ ownership should demand playoff baseball, anything less and Omar should be sent packing.