They are a lot of issues that Allen Iverson brings to the table. He sulked his way out of Memphis and he has never been a great distributor of the basketball. But, he is still a great scorer and a great defender and for a team lacking both of those attributes, the Knicks were foolish not to sign him.

The Knicks claimed they passed on Iverson because he would take time away from players they wanted to develop. That’s a great idea, but who exactly would Iverson have blocked? Chris Duhon would have lost the most minutes if Iverson had been signed and Duhon is not even signed beyond this year. Toney Douglas would have lost some minutes, but while developing Douglas is important, winning is more important right now.

Remember, the Knicks have traded away their first round pick this year and so the team on the court is what will convince someone like LeBron James to come to New York and rescue this franchise. LeBron probably won’t come anyway, but he definitely won’t come to a team that wins 17 games, the pace that the Knicks are currently on.

And that’s the biggest problem the Knicks have created by passing on Iverson. There is absolutely no reason to watch this team right now. They are not competitive and apart from the possibility that Eddy Curry can actually rediscover his game, there is little reason to think things will get better. Iverson would not have turned the team into a playoff contender, but he would have helped them win a few more ballgames and provided some excitement at The Garden in the process. Don’t Knicks’ fans deserve that after all they have been through?