We have two new and amazing baseball stadiums here in New York. The comforts and amenities they provide are world class, but there is one thing they don’t have; the passion of their predecessors. With exorbitant ticket prices close to the field, Citi Field and the new Yankee Stadium have prevented the real fans from being near the action. The seats closest to the action seem empty on most nights, probably a reflection of the economic downturn, perhaps a function of the cold weather. It’s too late for the Mets and Yankees to do anything about it, the stadiums are built and they will have to live with the consequences, but hopefully Cablevision is paying attention.

Madison Square Garden is an amazing place when there is a big game. Thanks to a seating arrangement where the luxury boxes are at the top, the arena shakes with the passion of its fan base. But, Cablevision, owner of the arena and the Knicks and Rangers, is embarking this summer on a major renovation. Besides opening up the concourses (thank you!) they will move the luxury boxes down from the roof and it looks as if the blue seats will move up there and become a sort of lounge/bar area.

There will be all sorts of “VIP Options” for fans with big bank accounts to choose, but will there be enough regular options? The renovation website promises that “Die-hard fans will get an even better view of the action.” We can only hope that is true because as nice as the new baseball stadiums are, they were designed without the die-hard fan in mind. Cablevision has a chance to learn from the Yankees and Mets mistakes, let’s hope they do so.