Joe Girardi has managed the ALCS erratically from pulling relievers at odd times to leaving starters in too long. But one thing he got right was starting CC Sabathia on three-days rest for Game 4, a move that worked out perfectly and put the Yankees in control of this series. And that is why he should turn to a fully rested Sabathia tonight to try and put the Yankees back into the World Series for the first time in six years.

The rain last night has created this opportunity and it is one the Yankees should seize. Sabathia was their best pitcher all year and he has been amazing so far in the playoffs, winning all three of his starts while compiling a miniscule ERA. He gives the Yankees the best chance to win and that is all that matters at this point.

The argument against using him is that pitching tonight revolves around the World Series. The Yankees are hoping that Andy Pettitte pitches them into the Series and CC Sabathia starts Game 1. That is the best scenario, but consider what would happen if Pettitte lost tonight. Sabathia would have to pitch in Game 7, probably against the Angels’ ace, John Lackey, and would then be unable to pitch in the World Series until Game 3.

Furthermore, Pettitte would not be available in Game 1 of the Series and, since he pitched tonight, the Yankees would have to decide between starting him in Game 2 on short rest or pitching Chad Gaudin.

That’s why a win tonight is imperative and why Sabathia is the guy who should get the ball.