The Jets finally finished with Brett Favre this week when they were assessed a fine of $75,000 for not placing him on the injury report last season as required by NFL rules. The only reason this issue ever came to light was Brett Favre decided to tell everyone he was really hurt last season and that was the reason he played so poorly down the stretch.

It’s an absurd claim from Favre and further evidence that all Brett really cares about is Brett. From engineering his trade to the Jets to convincing them to release him because he wanted to retire, Brett has taken the role of self-absorbed athlete to a new low. Does anyone really believe that Favre would have sat down when doing so would have broken his consecutive-start streak? A streak that he will set today, assuming he plays against Detroit.

No, Favre would have insisted on playing and Brett just used this as a way to tweak the Jets from Minnesota. But there is something good in all of this and that is the fact that Brett is gone and Mark Sanchez is here.