You may have missed it, but the UConn women’s basketball team just completed what may be the greatest season ever. Not only did they go undefeated, but they destroyed their opponents winning every game by 10 points or more. It’s really nothing new for UConn. The 2009 championship is the sixth they have won in the last 15 seasons and it was their third perfect season.

Yet, the beginning of the baseball season and UNC winning the men's championship on Monday overshadowed the glory of the UConn women. Maya Moore just completed an amazing season where she averaged 19.3 points and almost 9 rebounds a game. She was named player of the year, only the second sophomore to ever win that honor. But somehow, this amazing player from a perfect team is hardly mentioned in the mainstream media.

One can only imagine the press coverage a men’s player or team would receive in similar circumstances. The disparity in coverage and interest between men’s and women’s sports is nothing new, but it doesn’t mean we have to continue that trend. Take a minute and appreciate the accomplishments of Maya Moore. Give thanks that she has two more years of eligibility and therefore two more years for us to watch her. Think about the magnificent season that the Huskies just completed: one where they truly were perfect.