These days, it's so hard to smile about politics. So Gothamist must thank Don King for announcing he's supporting President Bush. King teamed up with the RNC chairman Ed Gillespie yesterday to encourage black voters to help re-elect Bush. Seriously. King said in a speech, "Martin Luther King told me we are in need of a white new type of liberal. One who will not only be outraged when someone is lynched, but outraged when you can't get a job, outraged when you can't get an education." Gothamist isn't really sure if King is talking about Bush, because "liberal" and Bush don't really go together, or what other reasons he gave for support Bush, but we do think that Bush could take pointers in chutzpah from King. No word on whether King will be a part of the convention.

Bush's hair doesget kind of thatchy at times, though it's still a far cry from Don King's coif.