While the gas in New Jersey is notoriously cheap, every once in a while you do find yourself a few bucks shy of a full tank's worth. But at one South Brunswick gas station, worker Melad Kaleal was perfectly willing to drop the extra in exchange for some mild sexual favors, namely a kiss from a high school girl.

Kaleal has been arrested, charged with harassment and fired from his job at the Raceway service station on Route 1 after making an unwanted advance at a teenage girl. The girl had allegedly asked for $10 worth of gas, but Kaleal let the pump run up to $20. When she said she didn't have the extra cash, Kaleal allegedly said he would give it to her for $10 if she kissed him, and leaned into her car window. The girl drove off and told her parents, who then called the police. Clearly, nobody ever told the girl that ass or grass are two other viable options if she can't pay for gas.