Public schools have a terrible records with their students and bathrooms. If it's not inadequate bathroom supplies like toilet paper in the stalls, it's making students clean up other kids' poo. Oh, yes. WNBC reported that two six year olds at a Bronx charter school were punished by the principal for misbehaving, their penance being to clean up a mess another student made in a bathroom. The children's parents claim that their sons had to clean feces and are accusing the United Federation of Teachers - who run the school - of poor governance. UTF President Randi Weingarten tried to defuse the situation slightly, saying, "We think what happened is there were papers strewn in the boys bathroom. Some people think there was something under the paper, some people think there wasn't. But the bottom line is this: Kids should not be cleaning up in a bathroom."

No kidding! Six year olds can barely clean their own face, let alone their rooms! This is pretty insane - even for a fed-up principal. What's next, kids sprinkling sawdust on fellow pupil's vomit? With poo in the floor of school bathrooms, that's just another reason why kids probably hold it. And when it's about poo and it's holiday time, it's time for Mr. Hanky!