Besides the NORAD's Santa tracking, there are many resources for parents to perpetuate the legend that is Mr. Claus. The Wall Street Journal looks at the tricks of the trade that go beyond eating the cookies and drinking the milk left out at night. For instance, did you realize there's a "Santa's Official Evidence Kit," which includes "Santa's Authentic Sleigh License—dropped accidentally by Santa on his way out of the house" and "Santa's Glove and Glasses—removed and accidentally left behind on the table while Santa was enjoying his milk and cookies." And, yes, there are even Santa boot print kits (sold separately).

There's an Elf Cam app for the iPhone (of course; video below) and video services where parents can order greetings for their skeptical children. Some parents make up Santa Claus email addresses while other opt for creating Blair Witch-style videos. But one parent who used the Santa Evidence Kit got pwned by her own bragging:

Heather Peralta, a 34-year-old mother of two from Savannah, Ga., dropped Santa's glove outside the front door and left Santa's driver's license on the stairs—part of a Santa "evidence kit" she ordered online that arrived at the house in a plain brown box. After that 2008 holiday, she blogged about how her then nine-year-old daughter, Janson, bought the story and even insisted the family return the license via UPS.

When Ms. Peralta tried to pick up the ruse again last year, she recalls, Janson interrupted her: "She said to me, 'It's OK Mama. I already know. I read about it on your blog.'"