Judge and other legal eagles believe that jurors should have better experiences doing their civic duty, according to a report from Chief Judge Judith Kaye and a state commission (Commission of the Jury). They say potential jurors should spend less time waiting in windowless rooms and more time at home if not selected, as well as the fact that lawyers shouldn't use jurors as bargaining tools when trying to settle before trial. Here here! One attorney that worked with the commission said, "Somebody who receives a notice to appear for jury service ought not view it as the semi-annual invitation to come for a dental checkup." Hey, oral hygience is really important! Maybe even more important than jury duty, which still ranks high for us.

Judge Kaye says, "Jurors expect jury duty to be a waste of time. I can't tell you how that sickens and disheartens me. Clearly we have to change that." And some ways they are looking to do so is giving free Internet access during downtimes and free parking/transportation. Woo, free Internet during jury duty. Gothamist would be tempted to blog a trial, but we're sure a court officer would confiscate our laptop. Another suggestion we have is not to make the jury summon letters red. Maybe a softer pastel, with some stickers on it, would make it seem more friendly.

Have you had bad jury duty experiences? Gothamist is scheduled to go today, in fact, but we have some other engagments we need to tend to (panda black market) and we found the County Clerk's office very friendly when we asked for a postponement. More at NYJuror.gov. And there was an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie tries but can't get out of jury duty, so she just wonders about her relationship during her time there - then her ass gets dumped.