There's an interesting article by David Dunlap in the NY Times about the recent barriers in front of Morgan Stanley's Times Square offices at 1585 Broadway. Now, the barriers were erected because of fears that certain bulidings (especially ones that move American moneys) would be terrorist targets. Dunlap determines that the obtrusive "41 dark gray, eight-foot-long concrete planter tubs and 16 cylindrical planters. At some places, the tubs are barely more than one foot apart" equal some 2000 cubic feet of concrete. The Department of Transportation has asked Morgan Stanley, which has a temporary permit, to make some changes. While Gothamist totally understands why Morgan Stanley or any organization would like to protect itself from terrorist attacks (the JCC on the Upper West Side has a perimeter of concrete on its corner), we look at the mammoth barriers as being almost as bad as the teeming packs of screaming teen and tween fans during the hey day of TRL. In other words, they are a bitch to walk around. And the streets of Times Square are already packed with tourists and vendors. At least with slow-moving packs of tourists that insist on walking five people wide, we have the dream that they aren't going to be there ten minutes later. Gothamist finds the pedestrian traffic in Times Square so sticky that we often walk in the street to avoid getting stuck in the scrum.
What are your strategies for navigating Times Square?