After being embroiled in the Moammar Gadfhafi-Bedouin tent affair last month, now the Trump Organization is wading into European waters with its latest spat: An employee is taking offense at a Scottish lawmaker's reference to "Noo Joysee"!! Seriously, Trump's development director claims the comments were racist.

According to the Telegraph, the Trump Organization and Scottish officials have been squabbling over Trump's plans for a golf resort in Aberdeen, Scotland. Apparently a council member, Sam Coull, sent a letter on official council letterhead to a Trump employee, "Only a few weeks ago, your [development director George] Sorial was reported in The Scotsman newspaper as describing myself and three colleagues as scoundrels. ’Scoundrel’ may be a term of endearment in Noo Joysee and scoundrels very probably abound the streets and tower blocks there. But I have never met your Mr Sorial."

Sorial then got upset: "He made fun of my New Jersey accent. I can respect that he disagrees with what we are doing but when you start making comments which I believe to be racist, I think you have stepped over the line." And PS: Sorial is a British citizen, "I was born in the UK, I have a British passport - I'm as British as he is, and he doesn't have any right to make fun of my accent. I think the fact that he did it on government paper is an abuse of power. There is never any excuse for a racist attack like that." But Coull says he was just being "flippant" and points out he's not upset about being called a scoundrel.