thursday night weather makerAlthough it has been cold the last couple of days, part of that coldness is just our perception. This was our first outbreak of cold weather since last winter. 15 degrees won't seem nearly as cold once we get used to it. Gothamist was thinking of how our bodies acclimatize while we were walking to breakfast in San Francisco last week. We had on our light fleece jacket but we saw more than one native wearing a wool cap and gloves thicker than what we would wear on even the coldest winter day.

Today is the last day of the bone-chilling cold. Following the cold air is a storm that may turn out to be really messy. The storm, currently over Texas, is going to run up the East coast tomorrow and Friday. Since the ground temperature is well below freezing, and the storm is going to hug the coast, we may be in for a serious freezing rain event late Thursday night. Just in time for everyone's Friday morning walk to work! This type of storm is tricky to predict because there's little distance between the rain/freezing rain/snow lines.

Once the storm passes it will get warmer. Not quite up to normal for this time of year, but warmer than it has been. Today is the 13th consecutive day of below normal temperature –our second longest cold streak of the year! It only needs to stay below normal for three more days for it to be the longest streak.