Gothamist was heartened to read about the restoration of Bond Street's cobblestone in the NY Times article this past weekend, because many a time have our shoes been the victim its surface (puddles, scuffed heels), not to mention our dignity as we've tripped (we're clumsy like that), thanks to the uneven, though quaint, stones. What's interesting is that the project is being underwritten by the NoHo Business District and the National Architectural Trust; even though it's a historic district, at $50,000 for the block between Broadway and Lafayette, it's too expensive for the city to undertake, even though the stones aren't being replaced - asphalt will be put in torn up areas. A National Architectural Trust member explains, "Replacing the entire street is cost prohibitive. You also run the risk of the street looking like Disneyland. You lose all the dips and dimples, which give it a historic character."

The Trust helped restore cobblestone on Horatio Street. Forgotten NY on Belgian block (aka cobblestone) streets. And, with today's snow, this reminds Gothamist of how you can contact the Department of Transportation about potholes; we love how the DoT has links to images of what different potholes look like (we especially hate ponding conditions).