Hey tourists, want to send a roundabout boost to New York's economy? Leave your MetroCards at the door. "Swipers" at JFK claim to be able to make up to $80 a day taking tourists' MetroCards and selling rides for cheaper than $2.25. "It keeps me full," said one hustler. The best part is the cops don't even care! One swiper said, "If I got arrested, I'd be out the next morning." Naturally, the MTA isn't too happy.

The cash-strapped Authority wants more of a crackdown on the swipers, who keep people from paying for rides directly to the MTA. However, station agents are usually the ones to report the swipers to police, and they're hard to come by these days—because the MTA can't afford them, because they lose money to swipers. Follow? Though some incoming tourists might be intimidated by their insistence on swiping them through, outgoing travelers think nothing of giving up their cards. One Dutch tourist handed over his weekly unlimited card, which was still good for two days. He said, "We don't need it. It's fine by me."