It's never too early to start the feverish horse race speculation about the 2020 presidential campaign, especially since Hillary Clinton isn't running for mayor and we need to stay positive and assume we'll make it to 2020. And so, with a potential 2020 candidacy in mind, New York City denizens were polled on their feelings about some big names in state politics reaching for the ultimate prize, and lots of them are really into President Cuomo (not that he's running or anything).

A new poll by NY1 and Baruch College shows that 56% of city residents want Cuomo to run for president, compared to 30% who don't. Presumably, these 56% are the same people who send outraged tweets to Bill be Blasio instead of the governor when the subway is broken, because there's no way a single light up bridge over the Newtown Creek could be enough to win the favor of so many city voters.

"He’s lucky Trump is president," Baruch professor and pollster Doug Muzzio told the News about the poll results. "They are looking for a positive figure to run for president and, at least for now, Cuomo has high approvals." A spokesperson for Governor Cuomo told Gothamist that the governor's office doesn't comment on polls, but thanked us for reaching out nonetheless.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Bill de Blasio's fortunes in the poll are much worse, coming in as an almost mirror image of Cuomo's numbers, with 29% of New Yorkers saying he should run and 58% saying he shouldn't. On the other hand, de Blasio's approval numbers as mayor are high enough that he would kick the ever living crap out of any Republican mayoral challengers, according to the most recent poll on the matter, so maybe NYC voters just want him to stick around. OR they're all very sophisticated voters who understand that New York City mayor is a graveyard of political ambitions and that nothing but shame, humiliation and failure has greeted the likes of John Lindsay, Ed Koch, Rudy Giuliani when they tried to rise above the position of mayor.

24% of city residents said they'd like to see Kirsten Gillibrand throw her hat in the ring, compared to 43% of those who think she should keep that hat firmly on her head. However, 34% of city residents weren't even sure what their answer was, and besides, Gillibrand has already endorsed the idea of Cuomo 2020. Which puts us just one step closer to my personal nightmare of Billy Joel giving an Inauguration Day performance on the National Mall.