A new Siena Research Institute poll [pdf] of 810 New York State voters found that 50 percent support legalizing the use of medical marijuana in New York, while 41 percent oppose it. (9 percent say they either don't have enough information, or they're paranoid the feds are tapping their phones.) 72 percent of those who consider themselves liberal support medical marijuana, and 62 percent of those hippies are between 18 and 34 years old. As for the opposition, pollster Steven Greenberg says, "Republicans, upstaters, older voters, and African American, Catholic and Protestant voters oppose it."

For reference, in February a Quinnipiac University poll found that 71 percent think medical marijuana is a "good idea." (Meanwhile, marijuana use in Gary tripled.) Today's Siena poll also found that likely gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo maintains a nearly 40-point lead over Rick Lazio and an even larger lead over Steve Levy, while a demented five percent of voters say they believe everything Governor David Paterson says.