If you're walking home through the West Village tonight, you may be wishing you'd brought your galoshes, or waders, or a rowboat. A major water main break on West 10th St. has flooded the area surrounding it. Reader Erik Dane ( of The Foggy Monocle) sent us this on-the-spot photo of West 4th completely underwater. He reports that cops and firemen are swarming the area to get the situation under control.

So if you're reading this while out and your cabbie recommends taking a shortcut up or down West 4th on your way home, DON'T DO IT! unless you usually go out with a snorkel and swim fins.

Erik also tells us that cops are saying that the flood extends as far as the eye can see, or as far as 7th Ave. Basement apartments are in obvious trouble. The situation looks dire for people who can afford to live in Manhattan's quaintest erstwhile-bohemian neighborhood.