An array of signal problems has caused delays on multiple subway lines during the Monday morning rush hour, with commuters who rely on the N, R, and W trains in Queens bearing the brunt of the problems.

Shortly after 8:30 this morning, tipster Kerry Watson alerted us via email to the situation on the NWR line, which she said "is all kinds of fucked up due to signal problems at Lexington and 59th street." Watson sent photos from the crowded elevated Broadway/31st Street station in Astoria, which she said is "dangerously packed, even more so because two stops are currently closed for construction due to Cuomo deciding what we really needed was a prettier station instead of a working subway."

Watson is referring to the MTA's $932 million "Enhanced Station Initiative" to upgrade select subway stations by shutting them down completely for months at a time. The project was announced with great fanfare by Governor Cuomo in 2016, but has since been scaled back. But the 30 Av and 36 Av stations in Queens are currently closed, the Ditmars Boulevard station is now partially closed for a $22 million renovation, and the MTA plans to fully close the 39th Avenue and Broadway N/W stations for seven months of repairs starting in July.

Construction on the 30 Av and 36 Av stations started at the end of October, and Watson adds "that if elevators were being added to the stations to make them ADA compliant, then I (and I imagine a number of other Astoria residents) would have less of an issue with it. But elevators aren’t part of the plan, it’s purely cosmetic, and it’s exacerbating the overcrowding problem at the stations that have remained open."

"There has been one Manhattan bound train in 15 minutes, and it was too full for anyone currently on the platform to get on," Watson said this morning. "The countdown clocks are incorrect, and keep saying a train is arriving when nothing has come by since that one too full train."

The cause of this morning's delays on the N, Q, R, and W was attributed to signal problems at Lexington Av-59 Street. Service has since resumed, according to the MTA, but delays persist.

Signal problems at 42 St-Bryant Park also caused delays on the F and M lines this morning.

Signal problems were also an issue at Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, causing issues on the 4,5,6 lines, as well as delays on the 2,3. And earlier, there were delays on the 7 line due to a train with mechanical problems.

Surprisingly, the L seems to have been just fine.

If you found this commute frustrating, tell your state representatives and Governor Cuomo to stop robbing the MTA of badly needed funding and figure out a way to come up with more cash for a 21st Century transit system.