More fodder for "bad old days" worrying? According to the Post, crimes in all major crimes were up last week: "There was a 27 percent increase in shootings, bringing the total so far this year to 354. That compares to 296 for the same period last year—an increase of 19.6 percent."

The numbers haven't been released on the NYPD website (Compstat is only showing the week before last—PDF), but the Post says, "Overall, the number of murders for the year is up 27.5 percent -- to 139 slayings compared to 109 for the same period in 2009. Robberies -- considered another bellwether crime category -- also are now in the plus column for the first time this year. They are up 0.8 percent overall after jumping by 24 percent last week, from 257 to 319."

While Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "This is the third-lowest year in 48 years," many top level NYPD officials are rumored to be upset with the uptick in crime.