2005_12_loci.jpgIt's pretty cute to know that Marc Anthony keeps his wedding pictures on his laptop! The NYPD's Major Case Squad just busted the guys who tried to extort Anthony and Jennifer Lopez for $1 million in return for Anthony's laptop and wedding video. Apparently ex-con Tito Moses and Steven Wortman got a hold of Anthony's goods and called Access Hollywood to sell them. The The Post reports that Access Hollywood contacted the Major Case Squad; interesting, Moses called himself "Mr. Moses" in the call to Access Hollywood, and the MCS was able to put Tito Moses on the suspect list. The MCS also talked the duo down to a $150,000 payday - only for the payoff to be a sting at Sixth Avenue and Grand Street yesterday at noon. We can't wait for the Law & Order: Criminal Intent ripped-from-the-headlines episode! And does this make Jennifer Lopez the first celebrity to be sort of portrayed in an episode of Law & Order, only to be saved by the squad featured in an L&O spinoff? Gothamist will be thinking really hard, And Alessandra Stanley loves the Chris Noth and Annabella Sciorra episodes of CI - does this mean Vincent D'Onofrio has to sex it up?