The NYPD made a major gang bust in the Bronx yesterday, rounding up twenty-one Bloods on a slew of charges in connection with a pattern of gang related violence in and around the Edenwald Houses—54 indictments in total for charges on everything from murder to selling drugs. The Daily News reports that "ten of the men were hauled into Bronx Supreme Court, handcuffed together by a long chain" as at least one onlooker silently hummed Sam Cooke in their head. Five of the gang members were charged with attempted murder, including one of the accused as young as fifteen and cops say members as young as thirteen have been employed to carry out shootings. The News says that four of the men arrested are believed to be part of the gang's leadership. The group from the Wakefield section of the Bronx goes by the name "Brother for Another" and includes members nicknamed "Fizzy Woo," "Weezy" and "Drip."