Two twin baby boys were thrown out of a burning building in The Bronx early this morning—and they were thankfully caught by a mailman. Postal worker Jermaine Shirley, 30, first got his wife and child out of their building after smelling smoke around 7 a.m. at 870 E. 220th Street in Williamsbridge. Then he heard neighbor Everdean Codner, 32, calling for help—he was on the third floor with his two sons, 11-month-old Israel and Ishmeal Codner.

"They dropped the babies down and I catch them. I just thank God that everyone is safe—my wife and kid—everyone is safe. I would want everyone to do the same for me,” Shirley told the Post.

"I was ready to catch. One of them, he kind of flipped a little because he was in a full ‘onesie’ suit, but I catch him," Shirley added. Codner then had to jump down from the third floor himself. "I thank Jermaine for saving my babies. Now I have a second chance to be a father to my sons,” Codner said, describing the fire as terrifying. "The smoke was heavy, it pushed us back inside. I wanted to get my babies out and I ran to the fire escape. I just dropped them. Thank God they are okay," he said.

The boys were taken to Jacobi Medical Center for evaluation but did not appear injured. Three other people did suffer minor injuries in the blaze.