A U.S. Postal Service employee trying to deliver mail to a medical marijuana dispensary yesterday got into an argument with a security guard that ended with him allegedly kicking in a door and fighting with police.

According to cops, mailman Daniel Jean, 30, tried to deliver mail to the Columbia Care Medical Marijuana Dispensary on 212 East 14th Street at about 2 p.m. on Saturday, when a security guard at the building's entrance told him that he wasn't allowed in the building.

The two allegedly got into an argument during which the security guard said that she would take the mail in, but cops say Jean refused to give it to her. Jean left, and a police spokesperson says he then came back and gave the mail "to a third party," and left the scene again. Finally, Jean came back a third time according to the spokesperson and allegedly kicked the door of the business, damaging it.

After Jean allegedly damaged the door, the security guard called the police, who found Jean on 11th Street and 3rd Avenue at about 2:30 p.m. When police tried to arrest him, the NYPD spokesperson said that Jean allegedly hit two of the cops, injuring their hands, knees and backs.

Jean was charged with criminal mischief, obstruction of governmental administration and assault.