The Post's front page story today is about the flourishing mail order bride business from Russia and Poland, noting "The Russian Advertiser...has an entire classified-ad section devoted to 'delovoy brak,' or 'business marriages'" A Post reporter, posing as someone needing a green card, learned it would cost $31,500—"$25,000 would go to the fiancée"—"$10,000 given up front and $15,000 paid after the green-card interview"—and "$6,500 would go to the agency for paperwork." The Post also has an amazing first-person account from "Ivan", a Sheepshead Bay construction worker who accepted $10,000 from a Polish woman who wanted a green card: "Her name was Yelena. She was really hot, in her 20s... Everything I told her to do, she did. I would scare her on purpose. I would say, 'If you don't do so and so, I am going to report you.' She was shoplifting like crazy from the stores. She was probably working as an escort... We had sex. I think she was cheating on me with other guys. I felt like she wanted to marry someone else...I've never seen anyone drink that much vodka. This girl partied like an animal. She went to the Tunnel, to the Underground, all the clubs. She knew everyone there."