Last week, it seemed that a Columbia University group— CIRCA (Columbia International Relations Council and Association)—would be dining with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this week—prompting the National Review to call Columbia "Jihad University." But now it seems like the Iranian Embassy has rescinded the invitation to CIRCA... but is inviting a different Columbia group.

According to BWOG, "It is not clear as of yet whether or not CIRCA was disinvited from the event, or if they chose themselves to avoid further controversy. CIRCA President Rhonda Shafei, CC’12, only confirmed that CIRCA would not be participating, and that the tickets have been given to another student organization. She would not comment on which group this might be."

It was erroneously reported (by Fox News) that Columbia president Lee Bollinger, who famously called Ahmadenijad a "petty and cruel dictator"—to Ahmadenijad's face—prompting Columbia to explain, "At no time has there ever been any university event planned or considered involving the president of Iran, nor has there ever been any plan for a dinner involving the Iranian president and President Bollinger." Students were planning to hold a protest lunch on campus tomorrow—it's unclear if that's still on.