Well, this is great: once those "magic key" holders get into the subway for free, they can take it all the way to your office building and unlock your elevator! They could be coming for you RIGHT NOW! The key, which has been sold for just $27 and can open 468 subway stations, works in "tens of thousands of buildings" with elevators, including every single commercial high-rise. City Councilman Peter Vallone said he was even more concerned about the key upon learning this. "We know terrorists are planning attacks on our subways and buildings, and we don't need to have keys that could help them in the wrong hands."

However, FDNY spokesman Frank Gribbon says it's not as bad as it sounds. The key allegedly triggers an alarm when used on an elevator system, and it requires training to know how to operate the elevators individually. Replacing and reassigning the key and changing the locks on 1,412 gates could cost the city $1 million, and NYC Transit will talk to the NYPD and MTA police before making that move. Currently, the MTA is losing about $27 million a year to fare beaters like those using the key to sneak into the subways.