A gunman for the Gambino family has taken the unusual and dangerous step of outing himself as homosexual, as a gambit to obtain a lower sentence for killing a Queens bagel store owner in 2003. Robert Mormando had already confessed to the murder, and his decision to out himself in court was intended to show the judge that his cooperation was riskier than most, because, as we know from The Sopranos, the mob kills gay members. In fact, the NY Times even gets the actor who played a homosexual gangster on the series to weigh in!

Actor Joseph Gannascoli played mobster Vito Spatafore, who went into hiding in New Hampshire after being spotted in a gay nightclub. His performance was so convincing, he's qualified to comment in the paper of record on the Mormando trial, telling the Times, "Having never been gay or a mobster, I can still tell you that it’s got to be hard, almost like a kind of triple life. Still, you’d figure even mobsters would be getting with the times. My feeling is it doesn’t really matter if they’re gay. So long as they earn." Maybe the Times can get Denzel Washington to give them a quote for their next subway article?

Someone who actually does have knowledge of the Mormando case says the gay-ngster is "in an absolute state of fright. You have to understand that his partner is totally freaking out. His partner has no connection to any of this. You can just imagine how fraught the whole thing is... He didn’t want to make an announcement to the world. He wanted the judge to know what risks he took — why he wasn’t just your average cooperator, someone who had simply broken the code." Which is why Mormando's testimony was supposed to be secret!

The hearing Monday was listed on the court calendar under the name John Doe, and the online federal court archive was "scrubbed clean." Of course, now that Times reported his sexual orientation, Mormando's a dead man, especially since he had a "close personal friendship" with Richard G. Gotti, John Gotti’s nephew, who's in prison on a federal racketeering charge. The Times's source says the Gottis will now perceive their connection with Mormando as "an intolerable stain on their name." See, because John Gotti's nephew was friends with a gay man, one can only assume he is also gay, and the whole Gambino family is homosexual! Unless they kill Mormando to prove they're straight? Mob justice is confusing.