Yesterday 59-year-old retired FDNY firefighter Robert Linhart was busted for badgering Her Madgesty, as he set up stalking camp outside of Madonna's Upper West Side apartment. According to the NY Post, the judge set his bail at $20,000 after Linhart vowed to his arresting officers that he'd make bail and resume holding court outside of the Material Girl's pad. If he can't pony up the cash, he'll be on Rikers until his trial.

Linhart's lawyer says, "It's not a crime to adore Madonna," however, he was in possession of a 7.5" homemade ice pick (not to mention a pocket knife) when he was apprehended. Allegedly the super fan said, "I keep running into Madonna. I saw her in 1992 and I'd actually like to meet her in person. I won't stop until I actually meet Madonna. I'm going to go right back there [Madonna's apartment] and do it again."

As for Madonna, she says she's not worried for her safety.