62-year-old Annette Bongiorno, who allegedly made $14.5 million in "investments" while she was Bernie Madoff's secretary for 40 years, has had a terrible time making her $5 million bail. Would you believe she couldn't find people to secure her bond? Us neither. But now she's gone and taken too long! A judge this morning decided that enough was enough and is calling her in.

Bongiorno offered a last ditch attempt to stay free yesterday, promising that she and her husband Rudy would cut their monthly expenses down from an estimated $45k a month to $15k and that she would move to her house in Long Island and sell her house in Florida ASAP. Prosecutors however continue to insist that she's got cash stashed elsewhere and she is a flight risk. Looks like the courts agreed. Bongiorno just had her bail revoked and was ordered to surrender herself to Florida police by 3 p.m..