Now we can all stop wondering what the husband of Sheryl Weinstein, the woman wrote a book about her alleged affair with Bernard Madoff, thinks. While his wife has been titillating/grossing people out with details (his mini-Madoff was really mini; he was a good kisser), Ron Weinstein isn't thrilled but points out to The Daily Beast, "Half the [book] profits are mine." He says that he did try to talk his wife out of writing the book and says about their future, "I have a commitment and I’m not going to leave her hanging out there. I’ll wait a few months, let my emotions calm down and then I’ll see if I can forgive. Having an affair is not the end of the world, but writing a book and telling everybody about it is unacceptable.... Affairs are commonplace and shouldn’t be such a big deal. However, having an affair with the person who is the biggest crook in the world and stole all my assets is another issue entirely.” That's right—Sheryl Weinstein invested all her family's money with Madoff so they are wiped out.