Now that Bernard Madoff's purported CFO Frank DiPascali has pleaded guilty to charges related to the $65 billion Ponzi scheme, speculation has begun about what he might be able to tell the feds. DiPascali's lawyer Marc Mukasey said in court that his client could be a cooperator "of a historic nature, somebody who can pull the curtain back on a fraud and answer a lot of questions"—the ones that "the whole world wants to be answered." The NY Times said that the feds have been look at some Madoff investors who are suspected of knowing they were participating in a Ponzi scheme. In other Madoff news, there's a tell-all book coming from a Madoff victim—and former extramarital fling! Bloomberg News reports that Sheryl Weinstein, an accountant whose family lost their savings, says she met Madoff 21 years ago when she was CFO at the Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America Inc, "I now view that day as perhaps the unluckiest day of my life because of the many events set into motion that would eventually have the most profound and devastating effect on me, my husband, my child, my parents, my in-laws and all of those who depended on us."