Peter Madoff, brother to the Universal Catchphrase for Abhorrent Greed Bernie Madoff, is scheduled to plead guilty and serve ten years in prison for fraud. The AP reports that there will also be a judgement of $143 billion against him, including all his real and personal property. This gives Peter Madoff ten years to save up for a $2.25 subway swipe.

Irving Picard, the trustee in charge of recovering the $20 billion stolen by Madoff's company, is quoted in court papers as saying that Peter "failed miserably" at his duties as compliance officer at his brother's private investment firm, which is sort of like saying that Thomas Crown was a "really terrible" museum guard. The Madoff brothers had worked together since 1965. Ten years compared to Bernie's 150 ain't bad, but he'll have to sell a lot of "I'm Bernie Madoff's Brother" tell-alls to settle that $142 billion judgment.