Monday is multi-billion dollar fraudster Bernard Madoff's sentencing, and his lawyer won approval for his client to get dressed up. Lawyer Ira Sorkin explained that Madoff will be getting "just clothes" before sentencing. But Newsday points out, "One of the last extravagant clothing expenses Madoff reportedly made before he was arrested last December was a $2,000 pair of custom-made Italian pants that went unclaimed at a Palm Beach, Fla., store."

Earlier this week, Sorkin suggested that a 12-year (not the 150 years Madoff could face— sentence would be appropriate for his client, adding that Madoff would speak "to the shame he has felt and to the pain he has caused." However, Bloomberg News reports that Madoff's modest sentencing hopes might be dashed because he hasn't named any accomplices. A former federal prosecutor and current white collar defense lawyer George Jackson said, "If he did cooperate, he would open himself up to the possibility of a sentence that would give him a ray of hope of having freedom at some point," while staying silent, "The judge could say, ‘I have not heard who you operated with, and it’s clear to me that you operated with someone,'" because of the huge scope of the $65 billion Ponzi scheme.

One lawyer representing 16 victims of Madoff's fraud told the Times the 71-year-old "should never see the light of day, and in fact be sentenced to hard labor. The sentence must be a deterrence to others." But a 70-something couple from New Mexico, who told Dealbook they'll be outside the Federal courthouse on Monday, said, "We don’t care about what happens to Madoff. We just want to get our money back."