Fraudulent investor Bernard Madoff thinks that even though he lost his clients' money in a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme, his wife should keep some spoils! Well, Madoff's lawyers claim that the money, which includes bonds, cash and the couple's $7 million apartment on East 64th Street, is "unrelated to the alleged Madoff fraud" and simply belong to Ruth Madoff.

Ruth Madoff, who hasn't been charged with any crime, is footing her husband's bail so he can remain in their fancy penthouse (floorplan) during house arrest. However, there is some suspicion that Madoff had help keeping his (fake) books and there are questions about why she withdrew $15 million before her husband's confession. Gregory Moore, who lives across East 64th Street from the Madoffs, tells us that the other week, he spied Ruth Madoff at a local newsstand, faxing some papers (the Madoffs' apartment has no Internet or fax access and phone calls are monitored)—she also bought a copy of the Post!

Speaking of, one duped investor gave the NY Post a piece of her mind. Hillda Hausner, 91, who lost $900,000 and put her Queens home on the market, said, "I'm angry, outraged. Really, I mean it gets more ludicrous every minute... Well, where did she get the money from? I guess I gave it to her, and thousands of other people."