Irving Picard, the trustee in charge of liquidating Ponzi king Bernard Madoff's assets, has asked a judge to define what constitutes investors' losses. Naturally, some investors believe they are owed the inflated (hello, 46%, 950% returns), very fake and non-existent amounts that Madoff listed on their last balances—while Picard thinks they are owed simply what they invested minus withdrawals. The Post reports, "A decision could prove crucial in how Madoff's assets are divided among his victims, because some investors -- whom Picard calls 'net winners' -- might be denied a share if their withdrawals exceeded their investments." The Manhattan Bankruptcy Court will have a hearing about the matter in...February. And we must bring up this December 2008 quote from one burned (Berned) investor: "The point with [Madoff] was that I always got every document. If you get all the documents, you are not suspicious."