It's another report of how Bernard Madoff is doing behind bars! This time, instead of an inmate, we hear from a lawyer representing some of the victims in Madoff's $65 billion Ponzi scheme. Attorney Joseph Cotchett says he and an associate met with the scammer for four and a half hours at Butner Federal Correction Complex in North Carolina. And Madoff told them, "There were several times that I met with the SEC and thought 'they got me'" Of course, the SEC didn't!

Cotchett spoke to ABC News after the visit, offering that Madoff was "very articulate, very direct...He talked about how he pulled it off, how many years he got away with it." Cotchett, who added he was surprised with "how candid" Madoff was, said that the once admired investor "obviously wanted to speak with us because in his opinion, certain members of his family knew nothing about it, had no involvement of it... He cares about Ruth, but he doesn't give a ---- about his two sons, Mark and Andrew." The sons, who claim not to have known about their father's scheme, haven't spoken to their father or mother since he admitted the fraud last December.

Cotchett added, "He looked pretty good and seems to be working out. He looked a lot better than he has in some months since I've seen photographs of him."