A new Vanity Fair article says that disgraced financier Bernard Madoff's sons haven't spoken to their father or mother since Madoff confessed to running a multibillion dollar Ponzi scheme last December. When Andrew and Mark Madoff were told, VF writer David Margolick says, "Mark was angry and Andrew was on the [kitchen] floor, sobbing." Opinion is divided on whether the sons knew of the scheme; one former employee said, "They wouldn’t have been able to do what Bernie did: they just didn’t have the evilness in them," but admits other associates might feel differently. Margolick adds, "Mark is said to be obsessed with the scandal, huddled over his computer, hyper-scrutinizing every story and blog posting, and, when it suits him, answering e-mail instantaneously, but that Andrew has completely shut down." However, a friend now says Andrew is focused on making sure his daughters feel loved—"just because their grandfather turns out to be one of the worst criminals ever doesn’t mean they’re bad people." As for not contacting Ruth Madoff, the sons allegedly don't think she was involved, but know she'd take Bernie's side.