The Post reports that Bernard Madoff has left the Metropolitan Correctional Center, his home for the past few months, and it's believed he's headed upstate to begin his 150-year sentence at the federal correctional facility in Otisville, NY: "The [Bureau of Prisons] tends to place inmates in facilities that are within a reasonable distance of their family members, to promote visits. Otisville, which is near Middletown, NY, in Orange County, is only about 77 miles away from" NYC. Update: CNBC says Madoff is at a facility in Butner, North Carolina—does this mean Ruth Madoff is headed South too?

Madoff's lawyer Ira Sorkin was featured in a Newsday article over the weekend—apparently after defending the worst business world criminal ever, Sorkin is still surprised at the anger directed at him personally. Sorkin showed his e-mail message he received: "This is in regard to your efforts on the behalf of Bernard Madoff. As one Jew to another I deeply regret that the Sorkin family did not perish in the Nazi death camps." He said of the victims' vitriol, "My reaction was surprise, anger and in some respects sadness at the lack of understanding of what Civics 101 is all about... They do not understand that by defending people who are charged with doing bad things and in fact were doing bad things, protects people who might be charged and didn't [do bad things]."

The lawyer also described the voicemail he received from his infamous client on December 11: "Hi, it's Bernie, I have just been arrested by the FBI and I'm handcuffed to a chair."