Kristin Davis, one of the many third party candidates hoping to be New York's next governor, has been running some TV ads lately, which the NY Post finds fishy. The paper's Albany bureau chief, Fred Dicker, writes, "Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis' broke campaign for governor has received a sudden infusion of tens of thousands of dollars to buy TV ads attacking Andrew Cuomo -- and she won't say where the money's coming from." And Cuomo's aides think the money is coming from... Carl Paladino.

Dicker, who is no fan of Paladino's, points out that Roger Stone, a Paladino adviser, is running Davis's campaign. However, Davis says the money for the TV ads, which cost tens of thousands of dollars, have come in from donations, partly helped by the insane debate, "We had someone in the last couple of days contribute a sizeable amount of money."

In the meantime, let's admire this campaign mailer from Davis' campaign—the reader who sent it to us called it a "disaster" (another person received a different Davis mailing cross which looked like a cross between a High Times and Victoria's Secret ad—Davis is pro-legalization of pot).