Christine Quinn was sworn in as the City Council Speaker during an emotional ceremony at City Hall yesterday. She said, "Let me say that I am incredibly proud that in the most diverse city in the world, that diversity is seen as a strength — not an impediment." Gothamist can't wait for regular interviews with her 79 year old dad, Lawrence; during her speech, Quinn said that when a news reporter noted she was the first female and openly gay City Council Speaker, "Without missing a beat, my father stuck out his chest and proudly yelled at the TV, 'You forgot Irish, you bum!'" Aww... You can read the rest of her speech here.

Mayor Bloomberg was not in attedance, because he was up in Albany for the State of the State, but Quinn did say, "Mr. Mayor, I will go anywhere you need to stop the flow of illegal guns into this city." She also said she hoped to agree more than disagree with the Mayor. And City Council Member Charles Barron is still bitter over the whole City Council Speaker-making system, complaining, "the county of Queens is running the City Council." Maybe Queens is getting back at Brooklyn for being so popular?