It's official: Hillary Clinton is the new Secretary of State. Senator John Cornyn (aka "Big Bad John") had blocked an Inauguration Day confirmation and, today, Senator John McCain helped pave the way for a voice vote in the Senate.

Clinton was approved, 94- 2—the NY Times reports, "The only senators opposing the nomination were David Vitter of Louisiana and Jim DeMint of South Carolina, both Republicans. Mr. Vitter was the only member of the Foreign Relations Committee to oppose her last week, when she won the panel’s endorsement, 16 to 1. Mr. Vitter has asserted that former President Bill Clinton’s fund-raising activities create too many possible conflicts of interest." And check it out: The State Department now has a blog "DipNote" and the most recent post is about Clinton's confirmation (of course!).

The new Secretary of State has spoken fondly of her work on behalf of NY State and says that she'll continue to live in NY. Now, where is our junior Senator from New York?!?